Testimonials from Students

For Mr Terence Choo, Conductor

“Hello! Thank you so much for your never-ending support for the ensemble! Thank you for always supporting, motivating, inspiring and encouraging us! You always encourage us to keep on going and pick ourselves up when we fall – make a mistake? Move on. Thank you for playing a part in my school life, such memories would be cherished forever! Thank you for being a fun, inspiring and enthusiastic conductor, instructor and teacher! God bless, always!”
From Jasmin Libed, Vice President of SACSS Guitar Ensemble 2014-2015

“Dear Mr Choo, Thank you for journeying with us throughout our 4 years in the ensemble. Playing through 2 SYFs with us and guiding us through, thank you for always understanding us and being resilient towards us – especially whenever we are noisy and fidgety. You have really inspired us to push forward during our SYF rehearsals. Despite it being just rehearsals, you have carried your passion for music every time. You are an amazing conductor who always and never fails to motivate us whenever we are down. We are so thankful for having you as a conductor. Thank you very much for your support. We will remember you forever as a motivator, conductor and friend. “
From Louise Camille, Vice President of SACSS Guitar Ensemble 2014-2015

“Dear Mr Choo, This year’s the last year of my secondary school life, and also the last SYF with you as my conductor. Thank you for the guidance over the years, changing my notes from a ‘twang’ to a beautiful rounded note. I hope that I will remember the skills you’ve imparted. Once again, thank you. It would not be the same if you were anyone else.”
From Leow Yumi, Section Leader of SACSS Guitar Ensemble 2014-2015

“Hi Mr Choo! You are a very friendly conductor and very approachable! Thank you for teaching us and making practice very fun for all of us. I really appreciate your guidance and all that you have done for all of us. You are awesome!”
From Aqilah, Section Leader of AJC Guitar Ensemble 2014-2015

“Dear Mr Choo, Thank you for all your encouragements and professional advices. They have really played a big part in helping us achieve the Certificate of Distinction. Your funny anecdotes also served as an important source of light-hearted moments.”
From Gerrell Chee, Publicity, Media and Welfare Officer of TPJC Guitar Ensemble 2014-2015

“Hi Mr Choo! Thank you for being such an amazing and caring conductor and for guiding us through every practices. Thanks for believing in us and not giving up on us!” From Sharmaine, Section Leader of ACJC Guitar Ensemble 2014-2015

For Ms Angelyn Wee, Conductor


“Greetings Ms Wee! It was a great pleasure having you as our instructor in Guitar for these 4 years! Thank you for your patient guidance and encouragement, both to me and to the ensemble through this time. It has been a great experience and yet alas the journey has come to an end. All the best for your future endeavours and the Guitar Ensemble for many years to come!”
From Yang Zhi, Student Conductor of TJC Guitar Ensemble 2021-2022

“Hi Ms Angelyn! You have been the best instructor I ever had and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and giving me the opportunity to be president of STC guitar. Your notes of encouragement will be greatly missed and I hope that STC guitar will continue to do you proud! 🙂 See you around!”
From Megan Sim, President of CHIJ STC Guitar Ensemble 2021-2022

“Hi Ms Angelyn! Thank you for guiding me these 4 years in guitar. I’m extremely grateful that you chose me as a SL way back when I was sec 2 even though I didn’t think I felt ready for it. Thanks for believing in me and allowing me to guide my fellow juniors. I hope the guitar ensemble continues to play beautiful music under your guidance!”
From Natalie, CHIJ STC Guitar Ensemble section leader 2021-2022